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Clear Hand Stretch Film

Hand stretch films are easy to use and extremely lightweight making stretch wrap packaging easier. They are an economical substitute for a pallet wrap machine, as you won't have to sacrifice the safety and protection of your goods when applying stretch wrap films. Its high cling property ensures added strength, and Gateway provides a range of hand-stretch films made from durable, quality materials.

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Hand Stretch wrap film comes in different types, including cast film, blown film, and pre-stretch film.

Cast film is made by extruding plastic resin through rollers and cooling it over chilled rollers to create multiple layers. It has a lower memory or elasticity than blown film, but it is clearer for scanning and more economical.

Blown film, on the other hand, is created by heating resin and blowing air over an opening. It is tougher and more resilient than cast film, with higher mechanical properties.

Pre-stretch film is a blown film that has already been stretched during manufacturing to achieve greater rigidity and strength. It is lighter and double-layered, allowing for faster wrapping with required overlap.

Our hand stretch films are available in different lengths ranging from 250mtr to 610mtr, with a micron range of 11 to 35 and delivers unbeatable protection and durability.

For effective hand-stretch wrap packaging, we offer 500mm x 350m hand-stretch film in two colours: clear and black. The film adheres to itself after application, securing pallet loads and preventing shifting or distortion during transport. These stretch films also protect from dust, dirt, and other damage.

Its high tear and puncture resistance provide strength even around the sharp edges of pallets and cartons. It has excellent stretch capabilities for a tight grip on pallet loads to ensure the safe arrival of your goods. An added benefit is that they have low noise when used - perfect for quiet warehouse environments.

Our hand stretch film improves pallet stability with manual handling efficiency.

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