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Heat Shrink Films

Experience reliable and efficient packaging with LDPE Centrefold Heat Shrink Film. Crafted with precision, this film is engineered to provide superior protection against moisture, dust, and external contaminants, ensuring that your products reach their destination in perfect condition.

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Available in different sizes, such as 1000/2000mm x 50mtr x 200um in black and 1950/3900mm x 100mtr x 150um in clear, this LDPE Centrefold Heat Shrink Film caters to a range of packaging needs. The centrefold design allows for easy handling and convenient opening, with one meter expanding to two meters, maximizing coverage and efficiency. 

This film excels in providing a tight and secure packaging solution, ensuring that products are firmly wrapped and protected during transit or storage. Its fast and clean wrapping process saves time and enhances productivity, particularly when used with shrink film machines. The clear variant allows for easy visibility of the packaged items, making it ideal for retail and display purposes. 

Whether in industrial or commercial settings, LDPE Centrefold Heat Shrink Film is a reliable choice for packaging applications. It offers durability, versatility, and a professional finish to your products. 

Contact us today to explore the range of LDPE Centrefold Heat Shrink Film options available. Enhance your packaging process with our high-quality, reliable, and versatile heat shrink films.