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Shrink Films

If you're in search of a reliable packaging solution for your products, look no further than our shrink films.  Our Shrink film is a cost-effective and efficient way of wrapping pallets and stabilizing loads, with its thin yet strong plastic film that protects against moisture and dirt.

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Shrink films are a versatile plastic wrap made from materials like PVC, Polyolefin, or Polyethylene. They are designed to shrink when heat is applied, making it an ideal packaging solution for various items, including food, consumer goods, and industrial products. When used, the film provides protection against tampering, ensures that goods are kept together without adding weight, and gives a professional finish to the packaging. These films also come in different widths, strengths, thicknesses, and clarity, to suit different requirements.

Shrink film, also known as heat-shrink wrap. You might be interested to try our PVC Heat Shrink Film, a heat shrink film that is commonly used in the packaging industry due to its unique properties. Its ability to shrink when heated makes it ideal for wrapping and protecting various products of different shapes and sizes.

Our Shrink films are commonly used in combination with heat guns to shrink the film around the product. You could consider trying our Ripack 2500 heat gun, a heavy-duty high powered gas gun that provides significant power as well as fast heating in seconds, enabling the shrinking of all film types and nearly all thicknesses, with no need for electricity. It is the best portable heat Gun, with an available power output of up to 60 KW. This heat gun can easily shrink-wrap an average-sized pallet in only one and a half minutes.

Whether you're shipping large industrial products, food products or consumer goods, we have the right shrink films for your business. Our films are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions during storage or shipping, protecting your products from damage and tampering.

Don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our stretch film options and how we can help you with your packaging needs.