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Centrefold Poly Film

Centrefold Poly Film, also known as builders film, is a versatile material that offers excellent protection against moisture and dust. It is widely used in various industries for its durability and flexibility. With its unique centrefold design, this film can easily expand when unfolded, making it convenient to cover large areas.

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One popular variant of Centrefold Poly Film is the 1000/2000mm x 200mtr x 50um - NATURAL film. This size is perfect for applications requiring a wide coverage area. It can effectively shield surfaces from moisture and dust, ensuring the protection of valuable assets. The natural colour adds a clean and professional appearance to the covered area.

For those who need a thicker film, the 1000mm/2000mm x 100mtr x 100um - NATURAL is an ideal choice. This variant offers increased strength and durability, making it suitable for more demanding environments. It shares the same centrefold feature, allowing for easy deployment and ensuring efficient coverage.

If you require a black-coloured film, the 1mt - 2mt x 100mt x 100um - BLACK variant is an excellent option. Its dark colour provides enhanced light-blocking properties and prevents unwanted visibility. It can be joined together using PVC duct/joining tape, ensuring a secure and seamless coverage solution.

Another option in black is the 1mt - 2mt x 50mt x 200um - BLACK, offering even greater thickness for added protection. This film is perfect for applications that require a heavy-duty barrier against moisture and dust.

For larger coverage areas, the 2mt - 4mt x 100mt x 100um - BLACK and 2mt - 4mt x 100mt x 100um - WHITE variants are available. These films provide a wider span of coverage while maintaining the same level of protection.

In addition, the 2mt - 4mt x 50mt - 200um – BLACK film offers a thicker option, providing excellent resistance against harsh elements and ensuring the longevity of the covered items.

For tight product packaging, the LDPE Centrefold Film - 2000/4000mm x 180um x 50mtr - WHITE is an excellent choice. It combines protection against moisture and dust with the ability to tightly wrap and secure products. The roll length of 50mtr ensures an ample supply for your packaging needs.

Whether you're a builder, manufacturer, or require protection for your valuable assets, Centrefold Poly Film offers a reliable and effective solution.

Place your order now and ensure the utmost protection for your assets with our reliable Centrefold Poly Film.