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Resealable Bags

Resealable bags, also known as press seal plastic bags, are designed with a distinctive strip of interlocking plastic at the top. This strip allows the bags to be easily self-sealed or locked, providing a convenient and cost-effective reusable packaging option. 

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These bags have gained popularity due to their simplicity of opening and closing, making them ideal for storing, transporting, and displaying products that require frequent access in various industrial and commercial applications. They offer clear visibility, securely packaging your items while allowing for easy inspection. 

Resealable bags find extensive use across different industries, including food, consumables, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment, retail stores, and electronics manufacturing and packaging. Their ability to protect items, keep out dirt and dust, and eliminate the need for heat sealing adds to their appeal. 

At Gateway Packaging, we offer a range of resealable press seal bags in different sizes to suit your specific needs. For instance, our 35um polypropylene bag with a resealable tape measures 230mm x 305mm + 30mm LIP x 35um. It provides excellent protection, eliminates the need for heat sealing, and comes in a carton quantity of 1000. 

We also provide larger options like our 455mm x 505mm x 50um low density polyethylene bags, which offer an airtight seal, keeping dirt and dust out effectively. These bags are reusable and come in a carton quantity of 500. 

For smaller items, our 100mm x 125mm (4x5) x 50um resealable bags are perfect. Made from low density polyethylene, they provide an airtight seal, keeping your products safe from environmental contaminants. These bags come in a carton quantity of 1000. 

Take advantage of the convenience, protection, and reusability of resealable bags. Request a quote to meet your packaging requirements. Our in-stock inventory is ready for immediate dispatch, ensuring a prompt delivery to fulfill your packaging needs.