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Pallet Netting

Introducing Pallet Netting: The Perfect Solution for Secure and Breathable Packaging.

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When it comes to protecting your valuable goods during transit and storage, Pallet Netting is the best choice. Our netting is specifically designed to provide exceptional strength and durability while allowing for free air circulation.

Gateway Packaging provides two options tailored to meet your specific requirements: Pallet Netting, available in two sizes—500mm x 3000mtr and 500mm x 500mtr. Both options possess remarkable features such as softness, extreme strength, and free air circulation.

What sets our pallet netting apart is its ability to facilitate proper air circulation. This feature is crucial for products that require proper ventilation, such as perishable foods and vegetables. Our netting allows air to flow through, preventing the build-up of moisture and heat that can lead to spoilage.

Another option worth considering is our TAMA ElastiNet Pro 15 Manual Hand Roll, the ultimate packaging solution for superior protection and efficiency. This manual hand roll provides superior elasticity, strength, and elongation, maximizing the safeguarding of your goods. With manual application, you have complete control and customization options, ensuring precise wrapping tailored to your specific needs. The wide coverage of our netting securely wraps various items, providing a reliable and robust packaging solution.

Experience the difference today! Enhance the safety and longevity of your goods by incorporating our Pallet Netting into your packaging process. Contact us now to place your order and take advantage of our high-quality netting solutions.