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Lay Flat Tubing

Looking for an economical solution to package and protect your products during shipping? Look no further than Gateway Packaging's polythene lay flat tubing. Our poly tubing, also known as polythene Lay Flat Tubing or polythene continuous tubing, is a clear plastic tube that comes in various widths and thicknesses to accommodate any length or size product. With our lay flat tubing, you have the flexibility to create custom-sized bags with ease.

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Why waste materials on pre-made bags when you can cut the tubing to create bags that perfectly fit your products? With our lay flat poly tubing, there's no wastage. Simply cut the tubing to your desired length, and you're ready to go. Whether you need packaging for small or large items, our lay flat tubing is the answer.

Our lay flat tubing is not only versatile but also highly durable. It is frequently used in the air ducting industry, where heat sealing is essential. This makes it the perfect choice for packaging objects of all sizes, ensuring they remain protected throughout the shipping process.

At Gateway Packaging, we offer Lay Flat Poly Tubes that cater to your specific needs. Our poly tubes can be custom cut to your required size, providing a tailored packaging solution. You can choose from a range of sizes, starting from 100mm to 600mm, and thicknesses ranging from 50um to 150um. Additionally, our poly tubes are available in both transparent and black colours, offering flexibility and choice.

Ready to streamline your packaging process and protect your products effectively? Choose Gateway Packaging's lay flat tubing. Order now and experience the convenience and versatility of our polythene lay flat tubing for your packaging needs.