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Furniture Covers

Introducing our top-of-the-line Furniture Bags, the ultimate solution for protecting your valuable furniture during storage and transit. Crafted with heavy-duty polyethylene, these bags are designed to keep your items free from dust, scratches, and damage. Let's explore the different types of Furniture Bags available to meet your specific needs.

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First up, we have the Furniture Bags for Dining Chairs. These bags come in the size of 1050mm x 1200mm x 75um, perfectly tailored for standard dining chairs. With their heavy-duty construction, they provide optimal protection for your chairs, ensuring they remain in pristine condition. The bags are perforated and printed, allowing for easy dispensing and identification.

Next, we offer Furniture Bags for Single Lounges. Measuring 1000mm + 800mm x 2000mm x 75um, these bags are specifically designed to safeguard standard single lounge chairs. They are built to endure, shielding your chairs from dust, scratches, and damage during storage and transit. The bags are conveniently perforated and printed, simplifying the process of dispensing and identifying your lounge chairs.

For larger seating arrangements, our Furniture Bags for 2-Seater and 3-Seater Lounges are the perfect choice. With dimensions of 1000mm + 800mm x 2500mm x 75um and 1000mm + 800mm x 3000mm x 75um respectively, these heavy-duty polyethylene bags provide excellent protection for your lounge chairs. Just like our other bags, they are perforated and printed for easy dispensing and identification.

In addition to our seating options, we also offer Furniture Bags for mattresses. Our Furniture Bags for King and Queen Mattresses are specifically designed to keep your mattresses in pristine condition. The King Mattress bags measure 1830mm + 350mm x 2400mm x 100um, while the Queen Mattress bags come in at 1600mm + 350mm x 2500mm x 100um. These heavy-duty bags shield your mattresses from dust, scratches, and damage, ensuring they remain fresh and clean during storage and transit.

Ensure the ultimate protection for your furniture. Give us a call, and our dedicated sales team will assist you in finding the perfect Furniture Bags.