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Bags, Liners, Tubing

Welcome to our website where we offer a wide range of bags, liners, tubing, and netting solutions for all your packaging needs. Our products are made of high-quality materials and designed to protect your goods from damage, dirt, and scratches during transit and storage. Whether you need heavy-duty bags for furniture, LDPE Pallet Bags, shrink bags, top sheets, poly tubes, protective netting, or resealable press seal bags, we have you covered.

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Furniture Bags

Our heavy-duty polyethylene Furniture Bags are designed to protect your furniture during transit and storage. We offer a variety of sizes, including bags for dining chairs, king and queen mattresses, and single, 2-seater, and 3-seater lounges. Our furniture bags are perforated and printed for easy dispensing and identification, and they are ideal for keeping your products free from dust, scratches, and damage.

LDPE Pallet Bags

Our LDPE Pallet Bags are designed to fit all standard size pallets of 1245 x 1195mm. They are made of high-quality polyethylene and offer superior protection to your goods during transit and storage. Our pallet bags are perfect for protecting your products from dirt, dust, and moisture.

LDPE Wound Sheets

Our LDPE single wound sheets are versatile and suitable for use in many industrial applications. They are perfect for wrapping and protecting items during transportation. Our Natural REMILL Wound Sheets are 1120mm x 75um perforated at 2240mm, while our Black Single Wound Sheet is 1000mm x 100um and has a roll length of 270mtr.

Lay Flat Poly Tube

Our Lay Flat Poly Tubes are ideal for packaging small to large items. They can be custom cut to your required size, and they can be heat sealed or stapled. Our poly tubes are available in sizes ranging from 100mm to 600mm and thicknesses from 50um to 150um. They come in transparent and black colours.

Pallet Netting

Our Pallet Netting is soft and extremely strong, making it ideal for perishable goods. It allows for free air circulation, which helps to maintain the freshness of your products during transit and storage. They come in 2 sizes 500mm x 3000mtr and 500mm x 500mtr.

Pallet Shrink Bags

Pallet Shrink Bags are a popular packaging solution for protecting goods during transport and storage. Made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE), these bags come in various sizes and thicknesses to fit different pallet dimensions and weight requirements. To achieve maximum stability, they are often heat-shrunk using a Ripack Heat Gun, which creates a tight and secure barrier around the pallet. Pallet shrink bags are commonly used in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, and distribution.

Pallet Top Sheets

Our Pallet Top Sheets are available in three different colours – blue, black, and clear. They are great for protecting the tops of pallets from dust and rain and come in perforated rolls of 250 sheets each. Our pallet top sheets measure 1680mm x 1680mm x 25um.

Poly Woven Bags

Poly woven bags are durable and strong bags made of woven polypropylene fabric. They come in various sizes and are ideal for heavy-duty packaging requirements, including sharp or heavy objects. The bags are designed to be tear-resistant and can withstand rough handling, making them perfect for transporting goods over long distances. Poly woven bags are widely used in industries such as agriculture, construction, and mining, and are an ideal packaging solution for bulk goods. They are also an eco-friendly option as they can be reused or recycled.

Protective Netting

Our Protective Netting is a versatile product designed to safeguard items during transport or storage. Made from high-density polyethylene, it provides a protective barrier that molds to the shape of the item, preventing rubbing and friction damage. Our heavy-duty protective netting is available in yellow, blue, red, and natural colours and is resistant to acids and solvents, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Resealable Press Seal Bags

Our Resealable Press Seal Bags are made of low-density polyethylene material, and they offer an airtight and reusable seal that eliminates the need for heat sealing. These bags keep dirt and dust out and are ideal for storing and packaging various items. With their easy-to-use press seal closure, these bags are perfect for keeping food items fresh, storing small items, and organizing documents. They come in different sizes, ranging from 50mm x 75mm 40um to 455mm x 505mm x 75um, making them suitable for a wide range of uses.

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