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Quilted Pads

Quilted pads, also known as "removal blankets," are the go-to solution for those seeking high-quality quilted pads. At Gateway Packaging, we offer industry-standard quilted blankets renowned for their reliability and durability.

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These rugged quilted blankets are extensively utilized in the furniture industry, as well as for shipping and removals. Their primary purpose is to provide optimal protection and prevent damage during transportation. The quilted design ensures a soft and cushioned layer that effectively absorbs impacts and shocks, safeguarding your valuable products. 

Our Quilted Blanket measures 1.8 meters by 3.6 meters, meeting industry standards for comprehensive coverage and protection. It is the preferred choice for removalist, who rely on its dependable performance to ensure the safe handling of furniture and other delicate items. 

Reach out to our sales team today and discover how our Quilted Blankets can provide the soft and durable protection your products require during shipping and removals.