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Furniture Felt

Furniture felt is a versatile material known for its softness and protective properties, making it an excellent choice for various applications. It is widely used in protective packaging to provide cushioning and impact resistance, ensuring the safe transportation of your products. 

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With its exceptional protective qualities, furniture felt is highly valued in industries such as removalists and construction. It offers reliable protection for valuable items during shipping, giving you peace of mind. 

Our Furniture Felt Roll comes in a convenient continuous format, allowing you to customize the size according to your specific needs. Measuring 1.8 meters in width and extending up to 50 meters in length, it provides ample material for your packaging requirements. 

Cutting the felt into blankets of any size is easy, ensuring a snug fit for your items and maximizing their protection. 

Invest in Furniture Felt for reliable and effective packaging solutions. Safeguard your furniture, delicate items, or construction materials with this durable and versatile material. 

Contact our sales team to assist you in finding the perfect solution to protect your valuable items during shipping.