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Protecta Chill Ice Packs

Protecta Chill Ice Packs are a reliable and efficient solution for safeguarding perishable items that require refrigeration during shipping. Designed as a protective packaging alternative to dry ice, Gateway Packaging's Protecta Chill ice packs offer a cost-effective and affordable shipping option for thermally sensitive products.

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 One of the standout features of Protecta Chill is its long-lasting thermal protection, surpassing that of dry ice. This ensures that your goods remain at the desired temperature for extended periods, providing peace of mind during transit. Moreover, Protecta Chill eliminates the hassle of dealing with water leakage, offering a clean and hassle-free solution. 

These ice packs are made from a non-toxic water-based refrigerant packed in a 100% PE bag, ensuring the safety of your products. They are available in two designs: the standard Protecta Chill Ice Pack and the Bubble Backed design. The Bubble Backed variant provides an additional layer of protection with its bubble-lined construction, ensuring your goods are well-insulated and shielded from potential damage. 

The Protecta Chill Ice Pack in the size of 200 x 150mm and weight of 500g is an ideal choice for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, fish, meat, dairy, horticulture, and any other products requiring refrigeration during transportation. Each carton contains 22 ice packs, ensuring you have an ample supply for your shipping needs. 

For larger packages or items that require extra cooling, the Protecta Chill Ice Pack - Bubble Backed in the size of 200 x 300mm and weight of 1kg is an excellent option. Its bubble-lined design provides enhanced protection, maintaining the temperature integrity of your products throughout the shipping process. Each carton contains 12 ice packs. 

Choose Protecta Chill Ice Packs as your trusted solution for shipping temperature-sensitive products. Enjoy improved thermal protection, peace of mind, and efficient delivery of your goods. Contact us now to discuss your specific requirements and explore the benefits of Protecta Chill Ice Packs for your business.