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Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is a versatile and essential packaging material known for its delicate and lightweight nature. It is widely appreciated for its eco-friendly properties, being both recyclable and biodegradable. As customers become more conscious of sustainability, tissue paper emerges as a preferred choice. 

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One of the primary uses of tissue paper is to provide protection and cushioning for delicate items during transportation. It is ideal for wrapping fragile goods, such as artwork, jewellery, and chinaware, ensuring they arrive at their destination intact. Gateway Packaging goes a step further by offering archival acid-free tissue paper. This specialized tissue not only provides protection but also prevents discoloration and tarnishing of the products it envelops. 

The Acid-Free Tissue Paper is available in a convenient size of 400 x 660mm sheet, ensuring ample coverage for your packaging needs. Each ream contains an impressive 960 sheets, providing you with an abundant supply. This acid-free tissue is the perfect choice for preserving the quality and appearance of your valuable items. 

For standard wrapping and protection requirements, the Standard White Tissue Paper is an excellent option. With a size of 440 x 660mm per sheet and 480 sheets per ream, it offers a reliable solution for everyday packaging needs. 

Choose tissue paper to add an extra layer of care and elegance to your products. Protect your items from damage and present them beautifully to your customers. Contact us now to explore our range of tissue paper options and enhance your packaging experience.