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Paper Protection

Paper protective packaging, a versatile and sustainable solution for safeguarding your valuables, is at the forefront of our offerings at Gateway Packaging. Committed to providing eco-friendly packaging solutions, we understand the importance of protecting your items while minimizing the impact on the environment.

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Our selection of paper-based products ensures reliable protection during transit or storage, while also offering the benefits of recyclability and renewability. Discover the perfect balance between functionality and sustainability with our range of paper protective packaging options. 

Recycled Kraft Paper - BROWN: 

Our strong recycled brown kraft paper is specifically crafted for heavy-duty wrapping. Its durability ensures that your items remain well-protected throughout the journey. Plus, the natural brown colour adds a touch of earthy elegance to your packaging. 

Tissue Paper - Acid Free: 

Say goodbye to worries about tarnishing delicate items. Our acid-free tissue paper provides a protective layer that prevents tarnishing and keeps your valuables in pristine condition. With 960 sheets per ream, you'll have an abundant supply to meet your packaging needs. 

White Newsprint: 

Looking for an economical solution for wrapping or void fill? Our white newsprint paper is the answer. Its lightweight composition makes it easy to work with, while still providing adequate protection for your items. It comes in convenient rolls, ensuring you have ample supply for your packaging requirements. 

Wrapping Paper Dispenser: 

Simplify your packaging process with our sturdy and high-quality benchtop wrapping paper dispenser. Designed to accommodate 750mm wide rolls, this dispenser ensures seamless dispensing and effortless wrapping, saving you time and effort. 

Packaging Paper: 

Our white newsprint packaging paper is an industry standard used by removalists and businesses alike. Its versatility makes it ideal for both wrapping and void filling. Minimize void filling costs while ensuring that your items are securely cushioned during transportation. Available in a convenient 15kg ream size. 

Discover the power of paper as a reliable and eco-friendly packaging solution. Contact us today to explore our complete range of options and place your order. Together, let's protect your items and the planet.