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Poly Foam Wrap

Introducing our premium Poly Foam Wrap, the ultimate solution for your protective packaging needs. At Gateway Packaging, we offer a wide selection of poly foam wrapping rolls that excel in preventing damage caused by scratching, denting, or chipping. 

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Trusted by industries worldwide, including electronics and furniture, this lightweight foam wrap provides a gentle yet robust cushioning effect.

Its non-abrasive surface ensures that even the most delicate surfaces remain unscathed during transit. With various thickness options available, you can tailor the level of protection to suit your specific requirements. 

Our poly foam wrap is a versatile packaging material, suitable for a range of applications. Whether you need to protect fragile items, wrap valuable goods, or provide interleaving layers, our foam wrap delivers unmatched performance. The convenience of easy cutting and shaping allows for hassle-free customization to accommodate items of different shapes and sizes. Choose from our roll sizes that are ranging from 1.2 meters x 100 meters to 1.2 meters x 250 meters, to suit your packaging demands. 

We understand that every packaging solution should be flexible and adaptable. That's why our poly foam wrap can be slit and perforated, providing even greater customization possibilities. Whether you require smaller sections for individual items or perforated sheets for quick and efficient packaging, our foam wrap has you covered. 

Elevate your packaging game with Gateway Packaging's Poly Foam Wrap. Contact our dedicated team for expert guidance and explore the endless possibilities our Poly Foam Wrap offers.