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Instapak Foam Packaging

Instapak Foam Packaging is a revolutionary solution for protecting your products during shipping and handling. It is known for its innovative convenience and superior cushioning capabilities.

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 One of the key features of Instapak Foam Packaging is its ability to create protective foam cushions instantly. This eliminates the need for expensive equipment or time-consuming manual packing processes. The foam expands rapidly, up to 27 times its original size, to provide maximum protection for your items. This ensures that even fragile or delicate products are shielded from impact and shocks. 

Instapak Foam Packaging comes in different sizes to accommodate various product dimensions. From the compact Instapak #10 measuring 380mm x 455mm to the larger Instapak #60 measuring 455mm x 610mm, you can choose the perfect size to suit your specific needs. The Instapak #60 size even contains 25% more foam than the #40 size, providing enhanced cushioning for larger items. 

In addition to its exceptional performance, Instapak Foam Packaging is also environmentally friendly. It does not pollute the air or water, and it can be compacted to approximately 10% of its original volume, minimizing waste and storage space. 

When you choose Instapak Foam Packaging, you are investing in a reliable solution that guarantees the safe delivery of your products. Don't compromise on protection—opt for Instapak Foam Packaging today. 

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