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Twist Mailers

Twist mailers, also known as twist wrap mailers, renowned for their robust protection and reliability. These specially designed mailers offer a secure packaging solution for various items, including books. Constructed from a single sheet of heavy-duty cardboard, precisely cut and scored, our twist mailers are ideal for high-volume operations. 

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What sets our twist mailers apart is their ease of use. With a simple folding and sealing process, they provide durable security and protection without the need for additional void fill. These innovative mailers ensure your items stay safe during transit. 

Explore our range of twist mailer options tailored to different sizing requirements: 

Twist Mailer - 240 x 180mm - B5:  

Experience the versatility of our compact B5 twist mailer. It is expertly folded from a single sheet of cardboard, ensuring strength and convenience. Each pack contains 25 mailers. 

Twist Mailer - 260 x 220mm - Software: 

Opt for our SOFTWARE twist mailer, designed to provide superior protection. It is meticulously folded from a single sheet of cardboard and comes in packs of 25. 

Twist Mailer - 320 x 230mm - A4: 

For larger items, our A4 twist mailer offers optimal security. It is intelligently folded from a single sheet of cardboard and is available in packs of 25. 

With Gateway Packaging's twist mailers, you can trust that your items will be safeguarded during shipment. Our sturdy construction and efficient design ensure your products reach their destination unharmed and in pristine condition. 

Ready to upgrade your packaging game? Contact our professional sales team today to discuss your specific requirements and place your order. Experience the convenience, reliability, and superior protection of our twist mailers.