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Specialised Bubble Film

Introducing Specialised Bubble Film, the innovative solution tailored to meet your specific packaging needs. At Gateway Packaging, we understand that different products require unique protection, which is why we offer a range of specialised bubble film options. Let us explore the exceptional features and benefits of each. 

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For moisture-sensitive items, our Kraft paper-backed bubble film is the perfect choice. This absorbent film prevents condensation, safeguarding your products from moisture damage. Say goodbye to the risks of dampness and ensure optimal protection. 

When it comes to electronic components, we have you covered with our anti-static bubble film options. Our pink anti-static bubble film is specifically designed to protect against static, offering reliable shielding for delicate electronics. Additionally, our foam-backed anti-static bubble film provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring your electronic components remain safe and secure. 

Experience the unmatched performance of our Protecta Wrap PWL bubble film. With its unique breathable layer, it prevents sweat marks on your products, maintaining their pristine appearance. This fully recyclable bubble film is not only eco-friendly but also offers exceptional surface and edge protection, minimizing any potential damage. 

Looking for added cushioning and protection? Our Foam Backed Bubble Film is the ideal choice. With a polyfoam laminate, it provides extra padding for delicate and high gloss surfaces, ensuring utmost care during transit. The 0.5mm foam backing adds an additional layer of protection for peace of mind. 

Don't forget our Kraft Back Bubble Film, specially designed to protect furniture and prevent bubble sweating. Trust in its reliable performance to keep your valuable furniture items safe from scratches, moisture, and other potential damage. 

Ready to elevate your packaging game? Contact our professional sales team today to discuss your unique requirements and explore the world of specialised bubble film.