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Bubble Tube

Are you looking for bubble wrap protective packaging for long products? Gateway Packaging’s bubble wrap tubes are a great way to protect almost any product.

Our convenient enviro bubble tube protective packaging saves time, allows for easy measurement of required wrap, and provides immediate all-around protection without the need for complicated wrapping or tape. Because they come in convenient rolls, they may be dispensed from above, saving bench and floor space.

Bubble Tube is a continuous tube of bubble wrap that protects your product while it is being sold, stored, or transported. It's a great solution for longer products like skis, snowboards, surfboards, or manufactured painted posts, where slipping them into a tube and cutting to the required length is easier and quicker than wrapping bubble wrap sheets around the product, cutting and taping it.

Not only will they cushion and protect fragile products, they’re reusable and recyclable.

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