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Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a versatile packaging material known for its protective properties and cushioning effect. It consists of small air-filled bubbles trapped between layers of plastic film. This design enables bubble wrap to provide excellent shock absorption, making it ideal for safeguarding delicate items during transportation or storage.

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One of our popular options is the 10mm Recovery Bubble, available in a convenient 1.5m x 115m roll. This bubble wrap offers enhanced resilience and recovery, ensuring that the bubbles regain their shape after being compressed. It provides reliable protection against impact and vibration, keeping your products safe and secure.

For added versatility, the 10mm Recovery Bubble is also available in variations with slits. The 1.5m x 115m rolls can be slit into two sections at 750mm or three sections at 500mm, allowing for customized wrapping solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our bubble wrap is not only efficient but also environmentally conscious. Some bubble wrap products are manufactured with degradable plastic additives that facilitate the process of oxidative degradation. When exposed to heat, sunlight, moisture, micro-organisms, oxygen, and soil, these products break down naturally, reducing their impact on the environment.

Another popular option is the Anti-static Bubble Film, measuring 1.5m x 100m per roll. This bubble wrap is specifically designed for protecting electronic components against static electricity. Manufactured with a distinctive pink tint, it allows for easy identification and differentiation of sensitive items.

Our bubble wrap is available in various sizes and types to accommodate different packaging needs. From 10mm and 20mm double layer to standard variations, you can choose the right bubble size and configuration for optimal protection. The rolls can be easily slit and perforated to your specifications, ensuring a customized packaging solution.

To cater to smaller items, bubble film bags are a convenient choice. Measuring 100mm x 200mm, these handy bags offer economical protection for regular-sized products. They provide cushioning against impact and are transparent, allowing for easy identification of the enclosed items. With a range of sizes available, from 100mm to 265mm x 240mm to 400mm, our bubble film bags suit your specific needs, ensuring the perfect fit for your items.

Additionally, another option worth considering is our Bubble Wrap – Perforated Handy wrap, featuring a convenient 375mm x 75mt roll with perforations at 400mm intervals. Packaged in a handy dispenser box, it's made from degradable plastic for eco-friendly packaging.

If you require specialized protective packaging, Enviro Tube is an excellent option. Made from 100% Oxo-Biodegradable continuous bubble film, it is suitable for long items. You can easily cut the tube to any desired length, providing a tailored fit for your products. The Enviro Tube is quick to use and fully recyclable, emphasizing our commitment to reducing plastic pollution.

For furniture protection, Kraft Back Bubble Film is an ideal solution. With dimensions of 1.5m x 100m per roll, it offers excellent surface and edge protection, preventing bubble sweating on your valuable items.

Invest in bubble wrap today to ensure the utmost protection for your products during transit or storage. Place your order now and experience the reliable cushioning and peace of mind that bubble wrap provides.