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Strapping Tape

Strapping Tapes are the ultimate solution for secure and reliable packaging. Made from premium grade polypropylene, our Strapping Tapes offer exceptional strength, durability, and high impact resistance. With a range of sizes and options available, we have the perfect tape to meet your palletizing and bundling needs. 

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Our Strapping Tape in 12mm x 66mtr size is designed to provide a strong and secure hold for your packages. It is ideal for smaller applications where precision and strength are crucial. For larger projects, our 19mm x 100mtr tape is a clear option that combines high impact and tensile strength. With 97 rolls per carton, it offers both convenience and quantity. 

Whether you need to secure pallets, bundle packages, or reinforce heavy-duty cardboard boxes, our Strapping Tapes are up to the task. The 19mm x 66mtr size is another premium-grade polypropylene tape option that guarantees superior strength and reliability. And for even heavier applications, our 25mm x 66mtr tape provides the ultimate durability and impact resistance. 

With Gateway Packaging's Strapping Tapes, you can ensure that your packages are securely sealed and protected during transit. The high-grade polypropylene material ensures maximum strength and stability, giving you peace of mind knowing that your goods are well-protected. 

Secure. Reliable. Strong. Gateway Packaging's Strapping Tapes have got you covered. Place your order now and give your packages the protection they deserve.