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Standard Packaging Tape

Standard packaging tape is a vital tool for warehouses and factories, providing strong and super-sticky adhesion for a variety of applications. When you choose Gateway Packaging's Standard packaging tapes, you're selecting a reliable solution that delivers exceptional performance. 

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Our standard packaging tapes are perfect for packaging products, sealing cartons, and bundling items together on pallets. With their robust adhesive properties, they ensure that your packages remain securely sealed during transit and storage, giving you peace of mind. 

One of our popular options is the Brown Standard Packaging Tape, featuring a high-performance adhesive made from natural rubber. This tape provides excellent adhesion and is compatible with most types of cardboard. If you prefer transparent packaging, we also offer the Clear Packaging Tape, allowing you to showcase your products' labels while ensuring secure packaging. 

Both the Brown and Clear Standard Packaging Tapes measure 48mm x 75mtr, providing ample tape length to meet your packaging needs. These tapes offer great holding strength, making them ideal for various applications in your warehouse. Whether you're dealing with light or heavy packages, our Standard packaging tapes rise to the challenge. 

Are you ready to experience the unbeatable strength and reliability of our Standard packaging tapes? Call our professional sales team now and they will assist you in selecting the right tape for your specific requirements.