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Packaging Tape Dispensers

Packaging tape dispensers are essential tools for any business that requires regular packaging and shipping. They are designed to dispense tape easily and efficiently, saving time and ensuring neat and secure packaging. There are different types of packaging tape dispensers available, each with its own features and benefits.

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Are you looking for a sturdy and low-cost option? Benchtop Dispensers are the perfect solution. They are available in two sizes - 12-25mm and 12-50mm, making them ideal for packing benches or office desks. The larger bench dispenser can take up to 48mm wide tape, providing added flexibility for your packaging needs.

The E-Tape Dispenser is an innovative tool that features an adjustable tension system to ensure consistent application. Available in both silent and standard versions, the E-Tape Dispenser boasts an ergonomic design that ensures comfort and ease of use. The unique design is specially crafted to suit e-tape, making it an incredibly efficient taping system. Safety blade features and adjustable tension further add to the efficiency of this tape dispenser.

For those who prefer a simpler solution, our filament tape dispensers offer a quick and easy overhand hold, perfect for use with filament tapes and are available in two sizes – 25mm and 50mm. The durable plastic construction with a metal blade makes them reliable and long-lasting. The simple overhand hold makes them quick and easy to use.

Our Low Noise Tape Dispensers are designed to reduce noise when dispensing tape. They suit all 75mm tape cores and are great for use in offices or near warehouse phones. They are ideal for businesses that require a quiet environment.

Looking for something heavy duty? Our Pistol Grip Tape Dispensers are extremely heavy-duty dispensers that suit rolls up to 48mm wide. The unique safety blade protection feature ensures added safety, while the retractable blade feature adds to the convenience of use. Available in both standard and low noise versions, these tape dispensers are perfect for businesses that require high-quality and efficient packaging solutions.

You may want to consider our Strapping Tape Dispensers which are heavy-duty metal constructions that can take up to 25mm strapping or filament tape. The adjustable brake ensures easy tension adjustments, making them ideal for businesses that require secure packaging.

Another option worth considering is our Teardrop Dispensers which are designed to protect your tape roll from damage. They are available in two sizes – 38mm and 50mm – and are suitable for 76mm core. They are perfect for businesses that require neat and secure packaging solutions.

No matter what type of packaging tape dispenser you require, we have the option available to suit your needs.

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