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Stationery Tape

Are you looking for reliable tape for your office, packaging, or warehouse needs? Look no further than Gateway Packaging's stationery tape. Our stationery tapes are designed to meet the demands of everyday tasks, offering convenience and versatility for various applications. 

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Available in different sizes, our stationery tapes are the perfect choice for general office, workshop, dispatch, and warehouse use. Let us introduce you to our range of sizes and their features. 

Our Stationery Tape measures 12mm x 66mtr, offering a compact solution for sealing light packages, as well as paper and light cardboard. With its tearable design, this tape ensures easy application. When using a weighted tape dispenser, it can even be applied one-handed, saving you time and effort. 

If you're looking for a slightly wider tape, our Stationery Tape is also available in 19mm x 66mtr. It shares the same features as the 12mm tape, making it suitable for a range of applications in your office or warehouse. 

For those requiring a broader tape, our 25mm x 66mtr Stationery Tape is the perfect choice. With its wider width, it provides enhanced adhesion and coverage, ensuring your packages and documents stay securely sealed. 

To ensure smooth and effortless application, we recommend using a weighted dispenser with our stationery tapes. This allows for single-handed operation, increasing efficiency and productivity in your workplace. 

Upgrade your office or warehouse supplies with our high-quality stationery tapes. Choose the size that fits your needs, whether it's the 12mm x 66mtr, 19mm x 66mtr, or 25mm x 66mtr tape. Place your order today and experience the convenience and reliability of Gateway Packaging's stationery tapes!