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Heavy Duty Packaging Tape

For some applications, you need high quality, thick packaging tapes. Gateway Packaging’s heavy-duty packaging tapes are the thickest tapes you’ll find, at 50 microns. Combine that thickness with top quality rubber adhesive, and you’ve got packaging tapes suitable for the toughest applications. 

Available as clear heavy-duty packaging tape, as well as brown, heavy-duty packaging tapes will seal cartons; package heavy products, and will meet your highest standards and expectations. 

Organizations rely on heavy-duty packaging tape to satisfy their storage and transit needs because of its strength and durability. It's crucial to ensure that your packaging tape will not only seal your boxes properly but also keep your goods secured and in the best possible condition throughout storage and shipment. Dust, bugs, and other contaminants can make their way into your cartons if using an inferior packaging tape that fails, potentially causing harm to your product.

Damage and stock loss can occur when goods spill out of boxes during the moving process, whether during transit or loading/unloading, if the sealing tape breaks free. For this reason, Gateway Packaging only carries the highest quality heavy-duty packaging tape accessible in Australia.

If you need to rely on heavy duty carton sealing to protect your products, we recommend our heavy-duty brown packaging tape.

Heavy duty packaging solutions offered by Gateway packaging can be used for general purpose, residential, shipping, warehousing, commercial needs and carton sealing applications.

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