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Extra Wide Packaging Tape

Introducing Extra Wide Packaging Tape for All Your Large Packing Needs. 

When it comes to packing large boxes or items, regular tape just won't cut it. That's why we offer Extra Wide Packaging Tape that is specifically designed to handle those challenging tasks. Our tape, measuring an impressive 75mm in width, ensures a secure and reliable seal, saving you the hassle of taping your cartons multiple times. 

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But that's not all - to make your packaging process even more convenient, we provide an Extra Wide Tape Dispenser. Our pistol grip style dispenser is designed exclusively for the 75mm wide tape. With its adjustable brake, you can easily customize the tension for a perfect seal every time. Plus, its ergonomic design guarantees comfort and ease of use, even during those extended packing sessions. 

Our Extra Wide Packaging Tape is available in a clear variety, allowing you to see the contents of your cartons without compromising on strength or security. Say goodbye to tape failures and hello to efficient and dependable packing solutions. 

Don't struggle with standard-sized tape when packing large items. Upgrade to our Extra Wide Packaging Tape and enjoy the benefits of a wider, more reliable seal. 

Contact our friendly sales team today to learn more about our Extra Wide Tape Dispenser and how it can revolutionize your packing process.