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Double Sided Tape

Welcome to our website, where we bring you the versatile world of double-sided tape. Whether you're in need of a strong and permanent bond or require a tape that conforms to irregular surfaces, we have the perfect solution for you. 

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Our double-sided cloth tape offers a reliable bond between surfaces, thanks to its strong adhesive and tearable cloth backing. From mounting and bonding to carpet laying and printing, this tape does it all. It's a must-have for various applications where durability is key. 

For those seeking versatile bonding, our double-sided foam tape is the answer. With its foam backing, it easily conforms to irregular surfaces, making it ideal for automotive, construction, and manufacturing industries. It boasts a quick adhesion feature, ensuring efficient application and saving you precious time and effort. 

Let's not forget our transparent double-sided tissue tape, available in three different sizes: 12mm x 30mtr, 19mm x 30mtr, and 25mm x 30mtr. This tape is perfect for all your light-weight applications, such as photo mounting, fixing, and assembly. Its synthetic hot melt adhesive ensures a strong and reliable bond every time. 

So, why wait? Experience the power of double-sided tape today! Explore our range and find the perfect size and type to meet your needs. Take advantage of our high-quality products and transform your projects with ease. Shop now and unleash the potential of double-sided tape!