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Anti Slip Tape

Anti-slip tape, also known as traction tape or nonslip tape, is the ultimate solution to your concerns about slippery surfaces. At Gateway Packaging, we offer a range of anti-slip tapes designed to prevent accidents and protect against injuries. Our tapes come in vibrant yellow, ensuring high visibility in critical areas, as well as classic black for a discreet option. 

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Versatility is a key feature of our anti-slip tape. It serves a variety of purposes, making it indispensable for workplaces, homes, and public buildings alike. Whether you need to secure slippery stairs and steps, or create a slip-resistant environment, our anti-slip tape has got you covered. 

Our Anti Slip Tape - 50mm x 18.2mtr in BLACK offers exceptional performance and durability. With its heavy-duty adhesive, it ensures a secure grip even in wet conditions. This tape is specifically designed to make wet areas safe and reliable. 

For increased visibility, our Anti Slip Tape - 50mm x 18.2mtr in YELLOW is the perfect choice. Its vibrant colour alerts people to potential hazards, enhancing safety in any environment. Like the black tape, it features a heavy-duty adhesive that withstands challenging conditions. 

Don't wait for accidents to happen! Protect yourself and others from slips and falls. Contact our friendly sales team now to order your anti-slip tape and make any surface safe and secure.