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Hand Packaging Tape

Hand Packaging Tapes are an essential tool in any household or workplace. They come in different sizes, colours, adhesion levels and thicknesses to suit any application. Whether you need to seal a package, mount a picture frame, or mark off an area for safety reasons, there is a tape for every need. We will introduce you to some of the most commonly used tapes and their features and applications.

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Adhesive transfer tape, a double-sided tape that provides a strong and permanent bond between two surfaces. It is commonly used in the printing industry for mounting and laminating graphics, labels, and signs. Its thin and transparent design makes it ideal for applications where the tape needs to be hidden.

Aluminium foil tape, a high-performance tape that is made with a high-quality aluminium foil that is coated with a strong adhesive. It provides excellent insulation and sealing properties, making it ideal for HVAC installations, automotive repairs, and industrial applications.

Anti-slip tape is a safety tape that provides a high level of traction and grip, making surfaces safer to walk on. It is commonly used in areas such as stairs, ramps, and walkways to prevent slips and falls. Its strong adhesive ensures that it stays in place, even in wet or slippery conditions.

Barrier tape, a highly visible tape, non-adhesive that is used to mark off hazardous or restricted areas for safety or security reasons.

Cloth tape, is the perfect solution for your sealing, wrapping, and bundling needs. This versatile and reliable tape can conform to irregular surfaces and is available in various colours and widths. Plus, it's hand tearable and easy to use, making it a go-to choice for any task.

Denva packaging tape, a high-quality tape made with a water-based acrylic adhesive, its ideal for general packaging and carton sealing. It comes in brown and clear colours and is made with a strong and durable material that ensures the tape stays in place during shipping and handling.

Double-sided cloth tape provides a strong and permanent bond between two surfaces. Its cloth backing makes it easy to tear and apply, while its strong adhesive ensures a reliable bond. It is commonly used for mounting, bonding, carpet laying, printing, splicing applications and many others.

Our single-sided foam tape has an adhesive on one side.  It's ideal for sealing and preventing slips, this easy-to-use tape is adaptable to a range of installation environments. Its ability to conform to uneven surfaces and accommodate expansion and shrinkage makes it a top choice for any project.

For more versatile bonding, our Double-sided foam tape provides a strong bond between two surfaces. Its foam backing allows it to conform to irregular surfaces, making it ideal for mounting and bonding applications. It is commonly used in the automotive, construction, and manufacturing industries. This type of tape is made with a PE general-purpose, high tack adhesive, cross-linked, and closed-cell materials that do not absorb water. Its quick adhesion feature ensures easy and efficient application, saving you time and effort.

E-tape dispensers are not only efficient and convenient, but they also offer additional features that make them stand out. The innovative silencer bar keeps noise to a minimum, making it suitable for use in any environment. The adjustable tension feature ensures that the tape is applied consistently, reducing the risk of uneven tape application. Additionally, the ergonomic design provides comfort and ease of use, reducing the strain on the user's hands and fingers during prolonged use. The standard dispenser is ideal for general use and can be used with different types of tape.

Need to ship fragile items? Our premium PVC quality E-Tape fragile red/white printed tape, is a perfect solution. With its bold print, it sends a clear message that the package should be handled with care.

For your electrical needs, we offer PVC electrical tape, which is ideal for insulating and protecting electrical connections. It's easy to use and has excellent resistance to moisture, acids, and corrosion, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.

If you're packing large boxes or items, our extra wide packaging tape and dispenser are the perfect choice. Our pistol grip style dispenser is specifically designed for 75mm wide tape, it features an adjustable brake for easy tension adjustment and its ergonomic design ensures comfort and ease of use, even during extended periods of use.

Our general cloth tape is versatile and easy to tear, perfect for repair work, bundling, and marking, while our general-purpose masking tape is easy to remove without leaving residue behind, perfect for painting, labelling, and bundling.

Our heavy-duty duct tape is a premium tape that provides the perfect solution for all your heavy-duty needs. With a thickness of 160um, this lead-free PVC tape is strong and durable, making it perfect for joining plastic sheet and duct work. Its strength and durability make it an ideal choice for construction and air conditioning industry, repair work, as well as for holding heavy objects in place.

For protection during construction or renovation projects, our protection tape PVC is easy to apply and remove, leaving no residue behind, ideal for protecting floors, walls, and other surfaces.

If you are looking for excellent adhesion and durability, look no further than our reinforced aluminium foil tape. It is the ideal choice for insulation and HVAC projects, as it can seal joints and seams while also providing insulation in high-temperature environments.

Last but not least, our standard packaging tape is the go-to tape for everyday use. It's perfect for sealing boxes, cartons and packages. It's available in clear or brown, making it a versatile choice for all your packaging needs.

At our tape selection, we have everything you need for your next project. Contact us today to find the perfect tape that meets your needs!