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Glue Guns

Glue guns are versatile tools that provide a strong and reliable bond for a wide range of applications. At Gateway Packaging, we offer Hot Melt Glue Guns designed to last and suitable for both heavy and light industrial usage. These glue guns are easy to use, require minimal setup time, and are a cost-effective alternative to traditional adhesives and solvents. 

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Our Hot Glue Guns provide a strong bond that is resistant to water, vibration, and shock. This makes them ideal for various surfaces and applications, ensuring durability and longevity. With quick curing time, you can minimize downtime between steps, allowing for a seamless workflow. Unlike other adhesives, glue guns eliminate the need for additional equipment such as clamps. 

For heavy industrial use, we recommend our Hot Melt Glue Gun HI. It offers a high glue output for volume users while being lightweight at only 1.25kg. The gun is well-balanced for fatigue-free use, ensuring comfort during prolonged operations. 

If you require a glue gun for light industrial applications, our Hot Melt Glue Gun Light Industrial is an excellent choice. It provides a permanent adhesive bond and is suitable for use on heavy-duty cardboard. With its one-handed operation and lightweight design, it offers convenience and ease of use. 

To complement our glue guns, we offer a range of Hot Melt Glue Slugs and Glue Sticks. The Hot Melt Glue Slugs in Heavy Industrial size (43mm x 40mm) provide a medium viscosity glue with an easy flow and strong crisp bond. Our Hot Melt Glue Sticks are available in 1kg and 2kg packs, offering permanent adhesive glue that bonds quickly and effectively. 

Experience the reliability and efficiency of our glue guns and glue sticks from Gateway Packaging. Choose the right tool for your industrial needs and enhance your bonding applications. Order now and take your adhesive solutions to the next level.