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Packaging Tapes & Labels

Are you in search of essential tools to meet your packaging needs? Look no further than our Packaging Tapes and Labels section. Tapes and labels play a crucial role in various applications, providing security, organization, and safety. 

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Hand Packaging Tapes: These tapes are a must-have for any household or workplace. With different sizes, colours, adhesion levels, and thicknesses, they are versatile and suitable for various applications. From sealing packages to mounting picture frames or marking off safety areas, our hand packaging tapes cater to all your needs. 

Heat Shrink Joining Tape: Specifically designed for joining or patching holes, this tape is a valuable asset in sealing shrink-wrapped boats, engineering products, or scaffolding in building applications. It provides a strong and reliable bond to ensure a secure and durable seal. 

Bag Sealer Tape: Offering a quick and economical solution, bag sealer tape is ideal for sealing plastic bags and securing products within them. Widely used in the food industry and workplaces, our high-quality PVC tape comes in three different colours: white, blue, and red. 

Glue Guns: These handy tools provide functions such as bonding materials together with precision and efficiency. With their versatility and wide range of applications, glue guns are indispensable for crafting, repairs, and DIY projects. 

Machine Tape: Our machine tapes come in various measurements to cater to your specific needs. With their general-purpose acrylic adhesive, they provide an economical and reliable solution for sealing cartons. The 30-micron tape is suitable for all cool room conditions, ensuring your packages are securely sealed even in challenging environments. 

Packaging Tape Dispenser: Our E-tape dispenser is designed specifically for efficient taping with e-tapes. With adjustable tension and a safety blade, it simplifies the packaging process, ensuring a secure seal. Available in both standard and silent versions, our tape dispenser offers convenience and ease of use. 

Strapping and Filament Tape: These tapes are designed for heavy-duty applications that require strength and durability. With one-way fiberglass strands and ultra-high tack adhesive, they provide reliable reinforcement for bundling, securing, and pelletizing various products. 

Surface Protection Film: Ideal for protecting delicate surfaces, our surface protection film offers a safe walking surface and is easy to install by foot due to its reverse rolled design. With medium tack adhesive, it provides temporary protection against scratches, dirt, and damage during construction or transportation. 

Warning Labels and Tapes: Printed warning tapes are an excellent tool for conveying important messages and instructions. With various sizes, colours, and warning messages, they enhance safety and efficiency in any business setting. Additionally, our laminated warning labels ensure your message is clearly communicated, safeguarding your products during handling and transportation. 

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