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Paint Markers

Are you tired of limitations when it comes to marking on various surfaces? Gateway Packaging introduces a game-changer – our paint markers. These markers go beyond boundaries, allowing you to leave a permanent mark on both rough and smooth materials. From cardboard to metal, fabric to glass, these markers are your versatile solution for a range of applications.

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Paint markers redefine what's possible with permanent markers. Unlike standard options, our markers employ oil-based paint inks, providing you with a dynamic and lasting mark. Before use, simply give them a quick shake to activate the vibrant paint. Gateway Packaging proudly presents UV-resistant Pentel paint markers that come in a spectrum of colours, including the bold and vibrant red.

Step into a world of possibilities with our Pentel Paint Markers. With an array of colours such as black, red, white, and yellow, these markers dry in record time, ensuring your work remains clean and clear. Whether you're in the realm of glass, plastic, rubber, or metal, these markers are tailored for industrial and trade applications. A single carton includes a dozen markers, guaranteeing you're equipped for every creative endeavour.

For those who demand precision, the White X100W Marker delivers. Its bullet point ensures accuracy, the valve-controlled quick-drying ink guarantees efficiency, and the medium 3.9mm tip provides versatility. Each carton contains 12 markers, empowering you to tackle projects with finesse and accuracy.

Ready to take your marking to the next level? Our paint markers empower you to leave your mark on any surface. Contact our dedicated sales team today to explore the expansive potential of our markers and witness the transformation in your projects.