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Marking Paint, Ink, Stencils

Are you in search of versatile tools to enhance your branding, labelling, or organization needs? Look no further! We present an array of high-quality marking, paint, ink, and stencil products designed to cater to a variety of applications. Our offerings are tailored to meet the demands of dynamic industries, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and durability. 

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Brass Interlocking Stencil - Letter Set  

Elevate your marking game with our Brass Interlocking Stencil - Letter Set, sized perfectly at 100mm. Crafted with convenience and heavy-duty performance in mind, these interlocking stencils offer a seamless way to mark your products, crates, or spaces. Easily cleanable, these stencils are your ideal companion for ever-changing projects. The set includes letters from A to Z, ensuring complete versatility. 

Carton Cover Spray  

Minimize waste and maximize recycling with our Carton Cover Spray. Perfectly formulated to cover printing and dispatch marks, this fast-drying spray is an essential addition to your packaging process. Available in cartons of 12 cans, this product not only enhances your packaging aesthetics but also contributes to your eco-friendly practices.  

Line Marking Machine - CODE: 41050 

When precision is paramount, our Line Marking Machine delivers. Ideal for carparks, warehouses, and sports fields, this machine offers height adjustability for varying line widths. Equipped with a windshield, directional arrows, and masking wheels, it’s the ultimate tool for professional line marking. For optimal results, pair it with our Line Marking Paint cans.  

Line Marking Paint  

Unleash vibrant, enduring lines with our Line Marking Paint. Formulated to withstand the test of time, this fast-drying, acrylic paint is your solution for pristine warehouse and carpark markings. With a 500g can size, and available in green, yellow, white, and blue, this product guarantees long-lasting results. 

Pentel Paint Marker  

Elevate your labeling endeavors with the Pentel Paint Marker. Available in a range of striking colors, including blue, black, red, yellow, and white, this marker boasts fast-drying ink. It’s the perfect match for glass, plastic, rubber, and metal surfaces, suitable for both industrial and trade applications.  

Poly Stencils  

Explore our collection of Poly Stencils, featuring labels such as "disabled," "forklift," "foot," and "pedestrian." Crafted from durable 1.4mm polypropylene, these reusable stencils are compatible with standard stencil spray ink. Sized at 650mm x 650mm, they're designed to cater to diverse needs. Transform your spaces with these versatile stencils. 

Discover the power of effective marking and stenciling. Contact our dedicated sales team to explore our extensive range of products and find the perfect solutions for your needs.