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Permanent Markers

Are you looking for reliable permanent markers that can write on virtually any surface? Discover Gateway Packaging's wide range of high-quality permanent markers designed to meet your needs. From economy markers to fine point and jumbo markers, we have the perfect solution for all your marking requirements. 

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Our Black Bullet Point Permanent Markers from the Economy Marker N850 series are a versatile choice. With a durable plastic barrel and a bullet point tip, these markers provide excellent performance. They are xylene and toluene-free, ensuring safety and environmental friendliness.  

For fine writing work, our Fine Point Marker NMS50 in black is ideal. Part of our Green Label range, these markers are not only safe for the environment but also deliver precise and detailed writing with their 2mm fine tip. The markers are xylene and cellosolve-free, ensuring a clean and safe marking experience.  

If you require bold and industrial-strength markers, our Jumbo Markers M180 in black are the perfect choice. With an extra-large tip up to 13.5mm wide, these waterproof markers provide permanent and clear markings.  

At Gateway Packaging, we offer a variety of marker options to suit different needs. Our Pentel N50 Marker with a bullet point nib is a reliable and waterproof choice, available in black, blue, and red. The Pentel N60 Marker with a chisel point nib provides versatility for various applications, also available in black, blue, and red.  

Looking for convenience and ease of use? Our Retractable Marker NX50 in black is designed with a retractable nib, eliminating the hassle of losing the lid. With one click, the nib retracts and protects itself from damage or drying out.  

For instant drying and waterproof ink, our TEXTA Marker Pens are a reliable choice. The bullet point markers come in black, green, red, and blue, while the chisel point markers are available in black, green, red, and blue as well.  

Contact our professional sales team today to explore our extensive range of permanent markers and experience the quality and reliability of our marking products.