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Looking for reliable and versatile marking solutions for your industrial needs? Gateway Packaging has you covered with our industrial marking crayons. 

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Our waterproof crayons are indispensable in industries like forestry, iron, and steel, providing exceptional marking performance on both wet and dry surfaces. Whether you need to mark timber, concrete, glass, tires, or leather, our crayons deliver precise and durable results. 

With sensor recognizable marks, our crayons seamlessly integrate with automatic saws and other power tools, streamlining your industrial processes. Choose from a range of colours, including blue, black, green, red, white, and the eye-catching fluoro orange, ensuring visibility and efficiency in your marking tasks. 

What's more, our pack quantities of 12 offer convenience and value, making our crayons the preferred choice in the industry. Say goodbye to smudging and leaking, as our crayons are designed to maintain their integrity even in demanding conditions. 

Contact Gateway Packaging's professional sales team today to explore our range of industrial marking crayons. Experience reliable performance and maximize efficiency in your industrial applications.