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Markers, Crayons, Chalk

Marker, crayon, and chalk are essential tools for marking and identification purposes across various industries. At Gateway Packaging, we provide a comprehensive range of these products, each offering unique features and benefits to meet specific needs. 

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The Black Bullet Point Permanent Marker - Economy Marker N850 is a versatile solution that can write on virtually any surface. Its plastic barrel and Xylene and Toluene-free composition ensure durability and safety. You can rely on its consistent performance for a wide range of applications. 

For industrial applications, our Engineering Pencil Chalk is an economical and user-friendly option. These hard, writing chalk pieces are specifically designed for industrial use, making them ideal for marking on various surfaces. With a pack quantity of 44 pieces, you'll have an abundant supply to meet your marking needs. 

Our Fine Point Marker - NMS50 - BLACK, from our Green Label range, is not only a high-quality permanent ink marker but also an environmentally friendly choice. With its fine 2mm tip, it provides precise and accurate markings, making it suitable for fine writing work. Additionally, being Xylene and Cellosolve-free ensures a safer and healthier working environment.  

For more demanding industrial applications, our Jumbo Marker M180 - BLACK is the perfect solution. These extra-large permanent markers are waterproof and possess industrial strength, making them suitable for tough conditions. With an impressive 13.5mm wide tip, these markers provide bold and highly visible markings.  

Our Maxiflo Whiteboard Marker - ASSORTED COLOURS offers a convenient and reliable solution for whiteboard marking. Its pump action ensures that the ink will not dry out, providing a steady ink flow down to the last drop. With the assurance of being Xylene and Toluene-free, you can confidently use this marker for a variety of whiteboard applications. 

At Gateway Packaging, we also offer a range of specialized markers, such as the Pentel N50 Marker - Bullet Point and Pentel N60 Marker - Chisel Point. These markers feature quality permanent ink, waterproof properties, and specific nib designs, catering to different preferences and requirements.  

In addition to markers, our range includes refillable ball markers and inks, retractable markers, industrial marking crayons, and lumber crayons. These products are designed to meet specific industrial needs, offering features such as durability, waterproof properties, and ease of use. They come in a variety of colors, providing options to suit your marking preferences. 

Explore our wide range of markers, crayons, and chalk to find the perfect tools for your specific requirements. Contact our professional sales team today to discuss your needs and secure your order.