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Message Labels

In the world of shipping and handling, clear communication is vital. Gateway Packaging brings you Message Labels, adhesive labels that demand attention and relay essential instructions. These labels serve as a visual tool to minimize mishandling, prevent damage, and ensure that your packages are treated with care throughout their journey.

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Our Message Labels come in a range of options, each serving a specific purpose to guide handlers and protect your items. Whether it's indicating a fragile package, highlighting the need for delicate treatment of glass, or conveying urgency, these labels become your voice on the package.

Sized at 75mm x 130mm, these labels stand out with their eye-catching design and self-adhesive backing. Their bold appearance ensures that your message is seen by everyone who interacts with your shipment. For instance, the "DESPATCH/ADDRESS" label offers clear guidance, minimizing confusion and streamlining the handling process.

Beyond "DESPATCH/ADDRESS," our Message Labels encompass a variety of options such as "fragile," "glass with care," "Handle with care," "heavy," "priority," "this way up," "top load only," and "urgent." Each label addresses a specific requirement, allowing you to communicate precise instructions and expectations to handlers, couriers, and recipients.

If you're seeking to elevate your shipping process and ensure your goods are treated with care, our Message Labels provide the solution. Get in touch with our sales team today to explore the diverse range of options and select labels that align with your needs. Let Gateway Packaging's Message Labels be the voice on your package, ensuring your messages are conveyed clearly and effectively. Elevate your communication strategy confidently - reach out now.