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Dangerous Goods Labels

When dealing with hazardous materials, precise identification is paramount. Gateway Packaging offers an array of specialized Dangerous Goods labels tailored to your distinct requirements. These labels act as essential markers for items that necessitate cautious handling during transportation, storage, and disposal, ensuring safety at every stage.

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Our range of Dangerous Goods labels serves various applications, serving as visual indicators that effectively communicate the nature of the contents and prompt necessary precautions. Whether for securing shipments or upholding safety protocols, these labels bring clarity to potentially hazardous situations.

For example, consider our Corrosive 8 label, measuring 100mm x 100mm. Arriving as perforated labels on a roll, they guarantee easy application. With a durable, laminated design and waterproof properties, they maintain resilience in diverse conditions. Each roll of Corrosive 8 labels contains 500 units, providing a reliable solution for industrial settings.

Likewise, our Dangerous Goods label, also sized at 100mm x 100mm, boasts the same dependable attributes. With a laminated build and waterproof features, these labels stand strong. Each roll includes 500 labels, ensuring adherence to safety standards.

In the same vein, the Oxidising Agent 5.1 label, also measuring 100mm x 100mm, arrives as perforated labels on a roll. Featuring a durable, laminated design, these labels are tailored for easy application and stand up to moisture. Each roll comprises 500 labels, offering a steadfast solution for hazardous scenarios.

And not to be overlooked, our Flammable Gas 2 label, with its vivid high-visibility orange colour, commands attention. Sized at 100mm x 100mm, these perforated and laminated labels are both durable and waterproof. This label serves as a clear warning for the presence of flammable gases, reinforcing safety protocols.

These labels exemplify our commitment to ensuring safety and efficiency in handling hazardous materials. Get in touch with our sales team today to explore these options and experience how Gateway Packaging's Dangerous Goods labels can redefine your safety measures. Elevate your safety practices with confidence - reach out now!