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Cleaners, Degreasers & Lubricants

When it comes to heavy-duty cleaning, degreasing, and precision lubrication, look no further than our range of 3-IN-1 Professional and WD-40 products. Designed to tackle the toughest tasks with ease, these specialized solutions redefine performance and convenience for your cleaning and maintenance needs.

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Introducing 3-IN-ONE Professional's specialized high-performance Cleaner & Degreaser. This versatile solution is engineered to effortlessly cut through dirt, grease, and grime, making it the ultimate choice for heavy-duty cleaning. Packaged in a convenient 400g can, each carton contains six cans, ensuring you're well-equipped to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Experience the power of 3-IN-ONE Professional's high-performance Silicone Spray. This quick-drying formula delivers exceptional lubrication, reducing friction and wear with ease. The no-mess application makes it a go-to solution for precision maintenance. Each 300g can comes in a carton of six, providing a reliable source of lubrication for various tasks.

For those who prefer a refillable option, the WD-40 Refillable Spray Bottle is a versatile choice. Designed to accommodate WD-40 lubricant spray, this bottle allows you to conveniently refill and reuse, reducing waste and ensuring you have lubrication at your fingertips whenever you need it.

An indispensable asset in workshops and warehouses, the WD-40 Lubricant in a 20-liter drum is your solution for rusted items, water displacement, and barrier protection. This bulk drum is a powerhouse for heavy-duty applications, ensuring optimal performance across various tasks. Use it with refillable spray bottles for maximum convenience.

For those who demand both power and convenience, the WD-40 Lubricant Spray in a 4-liter drum offers the perfect balance. Loosen rusted items, displace water, and provide a protective barrier with ease. Each carton contains four drums, giving you a reliable supply for ongoing maintenance needs.

Elevate your cleaning, degreasing, and lubrication experience with our range of high-performance products. Contact our sales team today to explore the possibilities and find the perfect solution for your specific requirements.