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Rubber Bands

Rubber Bands are versatile and essential tools known for their stretchy properties and practical applications in various settings. They are commonly used for securing, bundling, organizing, and holding items together. At Gateway Packaging, we offer a range of high-quality rubber bands designed to meet your needs.

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Our rubber bands come in different sizes and specifications to cater to diverse requirements. For instance, our No. 14 rubber bands measure 50mm x 1.5mm and are available in convenient 500g bags, with 40 bags per carton. These natural rubber bands are suitable for use in offices, warehouses, and shops. Additionally, these rubber bands are not only functional but also eco-friendly and reusable, contributing to your sustainability efforts.

If you need larger bands, consider our No. 16 rubber bands, measuring 64mm x 1.5mm, or our No. 18 rubber bands, measuring 75mm x 1.2mm. Both options come in 500g bags with 40 bags per carton, ensuring you have an ample supply of reliable rubber bands for your tasks.

Our selection also includes thicker options like the No. 34 rubber bands measuring 100mm x 3.0mm and the No. 64 rubber bands measuring 90mm x 6.0mm, both available in 500g bags with 40 bags per carton.

Whether you're bundling documents, organizing items, or securing packages, our rubber bands provide the flexibility and durability you need. Their high-quality construction ensures that they won't easily break or lose elasticity, giving you peace of mind when using them for various tasks.

For your rubber band needs, Gateway Packaging offers a variety of sizes and quantities to suit your requirements. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs, and we'll be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect rubber bands for your workplace or business.