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Staplers & Staples

Staplers and staples play a crucial role in the world of packaging, ensuring the integrity and security of your goods during transit. At Gateway Packaging, we present a diverse lineup of staplers and staples tailored to meet various industrial demands, offering a seamless and efficient packaging experience.

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Explore our comprehensive range, meticulously designed to fulfill distinct sealing requirements.

For the sealing of cartons, our Carton Staples - 561/16 stand as a reliable choice. Crafted specifically for carton closure, these staples guarantee a robust and tamper-proof seal. With 2000 staples per carton, you're equipped with substantial sealing capacity.

When it's carton tops that need securing, our Carton Top Stapler - A Series takes the lead. Not only does it ensure a strong and secure seal, but it also streamlines the process to cut costs effectively. Partnered with our 'A' series staples, it becomes an unbeatable sealing solution.

Embrace versatility with our Hammer Tacker, an indispensable tool for an array of industrial applications. Complementing this tool, our Hammer Tacker Staples - A11 - 10mm provide reliable fastening for various materials.

When durability matters most, our Plier Staples in 10mm and 12mm sizes, compatible with the Plier Stapler, offer impeccable sealing for cardboard and plastic packages. Constructed with all-metal durability, these staples guarantee long-lasting performance.

For insulation, cardboard, and plastic wrap tasks, the Rapid Tacker R14E Steel takes the stage. Its ergonomic handle ensures ease of use, along with convenient locking for storage.

At Gateway Packaging, we recognize the significance of dependable sealing in your operations. This is why we offer robust Tacker Staplers, ideal for attaching tags to timber, upholstering, and more. Featuring all-metal construction and compatibility with A11 Series staples, our Tacker Staplers are engineered for consistent and enduring performance.

Ready to elevate your packaging? Our dedicated sales team is at your service. Reach out today to explore the right staplers and staples that align with your requirements, providing unparalleled security and sealing precision for your valuable products.