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Mailing & Despatch Scales

At Gateway Packaging, we understand the critical role accurate weighing plays in your industrial operations, be it on the factory floor, within your warehouse, or in the bustling mailing room. Our high-quality scales are designed to meet your diverse needs, ensuring precise measurements and streamlined processes.

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For your mailing room needs, our compact electronic scales come powered by batteries, making them ideal for easy and efficient weighing of smaller items. With a capacity of 2kg, they are the perfect fit for your postage requirements. And for those larger parcels, our robust parcel scales step in, boasting an impressive 20kg capacity to cater to your heavier shipping needs.

Step into the realm of counting accuracy with our Counting Scales - 30kg. Featuring a three-window LCD display for weight, average piece weight, and parts count, these scales are your ultimate solution for precise counting. The full counting keypad with numeric keys ensures ease of use, while the power-saving auto shut-off feature ensures efficiency.

Empower your weighing experience with our Digital Scale 35KG Capacity. Displaying weight and average piece weight on a clear LCD window, this scale is not only accurate but also energy-efficient thanks to its auto shut-off feature. Whether it's pounds or grams, this scale handles both with precision.

Elevate your weighing capabilities with our Parcel Scales, available in both 20kg and 75kg capacities. Designed for battery and AC operation, these scales come with a crisp backlit LCD for enhanced visibility. The rugged construction ensures their reliability even in demanding industrial environments.

For larger loads, our Platform Scales - 150kg take the stage. Crafted with high-quality standards in mind, these scales feature a high-contrast backlit LCD display and a stainless-steel platform for durability. With a generous platform size of 500 x 400mm, they accommodate a maximum weight of 150kg.

Ready to upgrade your weighing precision? Our dedicated sales team is here to assist. Contact us today to explore the perfect scales for your industrial operations, ensuring accuracy and efficiency every step of the way.