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Mailing & Despatch Tools

In the world of mailing and dispatch, efficiency and precision are paramount. At Gateway Packaging, we offer a comprehensive range of tools designed to enhance your operations, ensuring that your packages are prepared and sent with the utmost care.

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Our collection includes various tools that play vital roles in different stages of the mailing and dispatch process.

For secure carton closure, our Carton Staples - 561/16 are a reliable choice. With a quantity of 2000 staples per carton, these staples provide the sealing strength your packages need.

If you're looking for staples that suit carton top staplers, our A Series 35/15mm staples are tailored for the job. With 15mm length and carton quantity of 2000, they are designed for convenience and durability.

When it comes to tagging and attaching, our Hammer Tacker steals the spotlight. Designed with a long-reach handle and ideal for diverse industrial applications, this tool is the go-to for attaching various materials securely.

Electronic Scales with a 2kg capacity ensure accurate weighing for your parcels. Battery-powered and equipped with a flat table, these scales offer convenience and reliability in one package.

Our Platform Scales with a 150kg weighing capacity boast high-quality construction and a stainless steel platform. The backlit LCD display ensures easy visibility, enhancing your weighing accuracy.

For heavy-duty tasks, our Heavy Duty Metal Scraper is a true workhorse. Made in the USA and compatible with single edge razor blades, it's an indispensable tool for tough jobs.

When it comes to stapling, our Plier Staples in 10mm and 12mm lengths are perfect for sealing cardboard and plastic packages. Paired with the Plier Stapler, these staples ensure a secure seal with every application.

To measure accurately, our 8mtr Tape Measure provides a professional solution with a rubber grip and metric measurements.

Lastly, our Trimming Knife with an auto-loading feature and rubber grip simplifies cutting tasks. The Trimming Knife Blades, available in a pack of 100, offer the durability you need for efficient cutting.

Ready to optimize your mailing and dispatch process? Our dedicated sales team is here to assist you. Contact us today and take a step towards enhancing your operational efficiency.