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MaxiTuff Mailer

Let's talk about shipping in a whole new way with Gateway Packaging's MaxiTuff Padded Mailer. It's not just any old packaging – it's a game-changer. Imagine your items being wrapped up not only for safety but with a touch of class. That's what the MaxiTuff Padded Mailer is all about – making sure your stuff gets to where it's going in style and without a scratch.

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Here is the interesting part: the MaxiTuff Padded Mailer comes in different sizes and colors to match what you need. Starting off, we have the MaxiTuff Padded Mailer 2 - 210mm x 270mm in a clean and bright WHITE. This one's perfect for smaller stuff you want to send. It's like a cozy blanket for your things, with a strong grey outside and a cushiony bubble inside.

Next up is the MaxiTuff Padded Mailer 4 - 265mm x 375mm, still rocking the clean WHITE look. This one's a bit bigger and can handle protecting your things from water. It's got that same grey toughness on the outside and a soft bubble inside to cradle your stuff.

Feeling the need for even more space? Check out the MaxiTuff Padded Mailer 5 - 305mm x 400mm, also in the classic WHITE. This isn't just a mailer – it's like your very own protector. It's got a cozy inside and a sleek outside, so your package not only stays safe but also looks good.

And for the big hauls, there's the MaxiTuff Padded Mailer 6 - 360mm x 470mm, still in the clean WHITE shade. This one's like a guard for your large shipments. With its strong outside and padded inside, it's built to handle the journey, no matter how far.

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