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Courier Satchels

Courier satchels offers a blend of durability and convenience that ensures your items reach their destination intact and on time. These satchels are versatile tools that cater to a wide range of shipping needs, making them an essential component of any effective shipping strategy.

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Designed to withstand the rigors of transportation, Protecta Tuff Courier Satchels and Suretuff Courier Satchels are crafted from strong, economical plastic that guarantees the safety of your shipments. The self-adhesive tamper-proof seal adds an extra layer of security, giving you peace of mind that your items will remain sealed and protected throughout their journey.

Perfectly suited for non-fragile items, these satchels excel at providing a safe and efficient way to send a variety of products. From documents and clothing to small to medium-sized goods, courier satchels have you covered.

Available in a variety of sizes to match your specific needs, these satchels come in dimensions such as PT3 - 280 x 380mm, PT4 - 340 x 440mm, PT5 - 420 x 450mm, PT6 - 600 x 650mm, ST1 - 190 x 260mm, ST2 - 250 x 325mm, ST3 - 280 x 380mm, ST4 - 340 x 440mm, ST5 - 420 x 450mm, and ST6 - 600 x 650mm. This diverse range ensures that there's a satchel suitable for every shipment, no matter the size or nature of the items.

When it comes to effective industrial shipping, courier satchels are a fundamental tool that streamlines the process and offers unmatched protection. Are you ready to enhance your shipping efficiency and keep your items secure? Contact our dedicated sales team to explore the full range of Protecta Tuff Courier Satchels and Suretuff Courier Satchels.