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Mailing Bags, Satchels

When it comes to industrial shipping solutions, Phoenics Protecta Bags, MaxiTuff Padded Mailers, Doculopes, and Courier Satchels redefine the standards of protection, convenience, and professionalism. These aren't just products; they're a reflection of our commitment to ensuring your items reach their destination safely and securely.

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Protecta Bags: Unparalleled Protection with an Eco-Friendly Twist

Phoenics Protecta Bags are designed to offer top-tier protection while being environmentally conscious. Starting with the Phoenix Protecta Bags - Armour 7 - 360mm x 470mm, it's not merely a bag; it's armour for your items. The bubble-lined plastic provides all-around protection, and the smooth interior ensures effortless loading. Special tamper-evident seals enhance security.

What sets Protecta Bags apart are their remarkable features. Engineered to repel water and moisture, they keep your items safe in any weather condition. Crafted from recycled materials, these bags contribute to a greener planet.

From the compact Phoenix Protecta Bags - Armour 1 - 151mm x 220mm to the spacious Phoenix Protecta Bags - Armour 6 - 304mm x 400mm, every shipping requirement is covered.

MaxiTuff Padded Mailers: Style and Protection Combined

Gateway Packaging's MaxiTuff Padded Mailers elevate shipping to a whole new level. Available in various sizes and colours, they provide protection and a touch of elegance. The MaxiTuff Padded Mailer 2 - 210mm x 270mm, for instance, is like a cozy blanket for your items. Its grey exterior and cushiony bubble interior offer both protection and style.

Looking for more space? The MaxiTuff Padded Mailer 4 - 265mm x 375mm is your answer. It maintains the clean white look while offering enhanced protection against water.

For more significant shipments, consider the MaxiTuff Padded Mailer 6 - 360mm x 470mm. It guarantees superior protection without compromising on style.

Doculopes: Keeping Your Documents Neat and Safe

Our range of Doculopes ensures your documents are safe, organized, and presented professionally. From the INVOICE ENCLOSED Doculopes in various sizes to plain options, we have your document needs covered. Choose from a range of sizes to fit different document dimensions.

Courier Satchels: Secure and Efficient Shipping

Our Protecta Tuff and Suretuff Courier Satchels offer strong, economical, and secure packaging solutions. Available in various sizes such as PT1 - 190 x 260mm, PT2 - 250 x 325mm, PT3 - 280 x 380mm, PT4 - 340 x 440mm, PT5 - 420 x 450mm, PT6 - 600 x 650mm, ST1 -190 x 260mm, ST2 - 250 x 325mm, ST3 - 280 x 380mm, ST4 - 340 x 440mm, ST5 - 420 x 450mm, and ST6 - 600 x 650mm, these satchels feature self-adhesive tamper-proof seals, making them ideal for non-fragile items.

Elevate Your Shipping with Us

Are you ready to transform your shipping practices? Contact our sales team today to explore the full range of Protecta Bags, MaxiTuff Padded Mailers, Doculopes, and Courier Satchels.