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Shipping Tags

When it comes to effective identification and tracking of your products, Gateway Packaging offers a diverse range of shipping tags crafted to meet your industrial needs. Our commitment to quality ensures that your products are well-labeled and easily recognizable throughout their journey.

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Our cardboard shipping tags, equipped with robust reinforced eyelets, are designed to endure the rigors of shipping and handling. These tags provide a sturdy solution that resists tearing and loss, maintaining clear identification even in demanding environments.

For those requiring waterproof identification, our tough key tags are the answer. With their waterproof and tear-proof design, these self-tying tags are perfect for temporary product identification. Unlike labels or paint, they won't leave residue, ensuring the integrity of your items.

For optimal strength and security, our lightweight metal shipping tags offer an embossing-friendly surface. These tags, sized at 25mm x 80mm, are suitable for all weather conditions and remain rust-free. Supplied with wire ties for secure attachment, they provide a hassle-free solution for marking your items.

Our range includes various sizes to cater to your specific tagging needs. Whether you're tagging parcels, parts, or other items, our shipping tags are designed with you in mind. From the compact No. 3 tag measuring 48mm x 96mm to the larger No. 7 tag measuring 73mm x 146mm, each tag features a reinforced eyelet for added durability.

When it comes to efficient labeling, Gateway Packaging has you covered. Our shipping tags are not only practical but also essential for maintaining organization, preventing loss, and ensuring the smooth movement of your products.

Ready to enhance your identification and tracking process? Contact our dedicated sales team today. We're here to provide personalized solutions that meet your tagging requirements, ensuring your products are labeled securely and unmistakably.