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Quality Control Labels

When it comes to ensuring the quality of your products before they leave your facility, quality control labels are essential. Gateway Packaging offers a range of high-quality cardboard quality control labels, including vital notations like "PASSED," "INSPECTED," and "REJECT".

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These labels provide a comprehensive solution, allowing you to record comments, signatures, and dates for accurate tracking.

Each label is thoughtfully color-coded for easy identification. For instance, the "PASSED" label is in a vibrant green hue, ensuring quick recognition of the product's status.

Our 'INSPECTED' quality control label features brightly colored cardboard, designed for easy writing and rapid visibility. With a reinforced hole for secure attachment, these labels come in a convenient size of 67 x 134mm, available in carton quantities of 100.

Similarly, the 'PASSED' and 'REJECT' labels share the same attributes of high-quality, easy-to-write-on cardboard, reinforced holes, and carton quantities of 100. The 'PASSED' label signifies successful quality control, while the 'REJECT' label stands as an immediate indicator of discrepancies.

Whether you need to mark products as inspected, passed, or rejected, our quality control labels are your reliable solution. Streamline your quality assurance process and enhance your operational efficiency with these essential labeling tools.

Contact our sales team today to explore our comprehensive range of quality control labels, and ensure that your products meet the highest standards before reaching your customers.