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Self Adhesive Envelopes

Introducing our range of Self-Adhesive Envelopes – designed to simplify your document handling and shipping needs while ensuring the utmost protection for your important contents. From standard sizes to larger options, our envelopes are crafted with precision to meet your specific requirements.

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Document/Packing Slip Enclosed - 115 x 150 - WHITE

Experience the power of extra-strong adhesive that withstands the rigors of shipping. This envelope is meticulously designed to endure wear and tear, safeguarding your documents throughout their journey. With 1000 envelopes in a carton, you'll have the peace of mind that your shipping needs are covered.

INVOICE ENCLOSED Doculopes - 165mm x 110mm

These larger-sized envelopes provide ease of inserting documents without the need for folding. The heavy gauge plastic ensures durability while reducing the risk of your documents getting damaged. With a carton containing 1000 envelopes, your invoice handling just got a whole lot more convenient.

INVOICE ENCLOSED Self Adhesive Envelope - 115 x 150mm

Our standard Doculopes offer simplicity at a low cost. These self-adhesive envelopes boast excellent adhesion to all surfaces, ensuring your documents stay in place. With 1000 envelopes in each carton, your document packaging becomes a breeze.

Large Doculopes - 125 x 175mm (A6) - 'INVOICE ENCLOSED'

Step up your document packaging game with larger-sized envelopes that eliminate the need for folding. Heavy gauge plastic guarantees durability while accommodating your documents comfortably. With a carton containing 1000 envelopes, you're ready for efficient handling.


Large Doculopes - 150 x 230mm - 'INVOICE ENCLOSED'

Choose convenience and protection with these larger envelopes. Say goodbye to document folding as these heavy gauge plastic envelopes ensure safe passage. Each carton includes 500 envelopes, ensuring you're well-equipped for your document packaging needs.

Large Doculopes - 150 x 230mm - PLAIN

For those who seek larger-sized envelopes without printed labels, these are the perfect choice. Reduce document folding and ensure your important papers reach their destination unscathed. Each carton contains 500 envelopes, providing you with a reliable solution.

Large Doculopes - 240 X 330MM (A4) - PLAIN

Opt for these A4-sized envelopes when you need ample space for your documents. These heavy gauge plastic envelopes eliminate folding and guarantee document integrity. Each carton comprises 250 envelopes, ensuring you have a substantial supply on hand.

Self Adhesive Envelopes - 115 x 150mm - PLAIN

Our standard Doculopes are available in a cost-effective option. With excellent adhesion to all surfaces, these envelopes ensure your documents stay protected. Each carton includes 1000 envelopes, making them a practical choice for various applications.

Ready to simplify your document handling and shipping? Contact our professional sales team today. Let us assist you in selecting the perfect self-adhesive envelope solution tailored to your needs. Don't miss out on enhancing your document packaging process – call us now and experience the difference.