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Envelopes play a vital role in safeguarding your documents and ensuring they arrive in pristine condition. From important invoices to packing slips, these envelopes are designed to withstand the rigors of shipping, making them an essential tool for any industrial operation.

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Our range of envelopes is diverse, catering to various needs and preferences:

Document/Packing Slip Enclosed - 115 x 150 - WHITE:

Designed with an emphasis on durability, this envelope boasts extra strong adhesive, ensuring your enclosed documents stay in place throughout their journey. Its construction is specifically engineered to withstand the wear and tear associated with shipping. Carton Qty: 1000.

INVOICE ENCLOSED Doculopes - 165mm x 110mm:

These larger-sized envelopes are engineered for convenience and protection. Their heavy gauge plastic material minimizes the need for folding, while their larger size facilitates easy insertion of documents. Ideal for invoices and important papers. Carton Qty: 1000.

INVOICE ENCLOSED Self Adhesive Envelope - 115 x 150mm:

An embodiment of cost-effectiveness and functionality, these self-adhesive envelopes adhere securely to various surfaces, ensuring your enclosed documents stay in place during transit. Carton Qty: 1000.

Large Doculopes - 150 x 230mm - 'INVOICE ENCLOSED':

With a focus on larger documents, these envelopes provide ample space for insertion, minimizing the need for folding and creasing. Their heavy gauge plastic construction guarantees protection during shipping. Carton Qty: 500.

Large Doculopes - 150 x 230mm - PLAIN:

Similar to their 'INVOICE ENCLOSED' counterpart, these envelopes offer a spacious solution for your larger documents, with the added advantage of discretion. Carton Qty: 500.

Large Doculopes - 240 X 330MM (A4) - PLAIN:

Tailored for standard A4-sized documents, these envelopes maintain the theme of minimizing folding and creasing, ensuring your documents arrive professionally presented. Carton Qty: 250.

Self Adhesive Envelopes - 115 x 150mm - 'DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED':

Versatility meets functionality in this envelope, which confidently holds your documents with excellent adhesion to various surfaces. An ideal solution for a range of applications. Carton Qty: 1000.

At Gateway Packaging, we understand the significance of secure document shipping. Our envelopes are carefully crafted to address your diverse needs, ensuring your documents are delivered efficiently and professionally. If you're ready to streamline your document mailing, don't hesitate to reach out to our sales team.